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Brief Report GENDER HARMONY & GENDER EMPOWERMENT BEYOND BEIJING at the United Nations NGO  CSW59 ; 12 march 2015, New York, Church Centre United Nations (CCUN), Chapel Room: 2.30 – 4.20 PM

GH & GE CSW 59 Panel picture


Pic 1. After Seminar

The Seminar on Gender Harmony & Gender Empowerment Beyond Beijing at the United Nations Non Government Organization Commission of the Status of Women Session 59 ( NGO CSW 59) was conducted successfully by Yayasan Gender Harmony (YGH) in collaboration with WUNRN ( http://www. wunrn.com/ ) during 12 March 2015 at Church Centre United Nations (CCUN), New York from 2.30 to 4.20 PM. There were 71 participants from 22 countries in the world, including Indonesia (13 persons). List of country participants attended the GH event are as follows: Norway, Uganda, USA, Indonesia, Sudan, Venezuela, Nepal, India, Senegal, Brazil, Italy, South Korea, Congo, Serbia, Pakistan, China, Mozambique, Bangladesh, UK, Japan, Liberia and Cameroon (see picture below while the Distinguished Speaker Ms. Lois A. Herman from WUNRN is giving her presentation). Among the country participants there are 16 new countries; when added to the past that would end up to 50 countries, have heard about GH and or GE.


Audience GH at CSW59with chief of United Nations NGO CSW

This is so amazing; only God made it happened! The respond to the GH seminar was extraordinary well! Where have you been..? They say; GH is very promising and they would like to bring GH and team to their countries to create changes.

Dr. Surjadi has chances to take picture together with the Chief of United Nations NGO CSW, Ms. Soon Young before the Seminar being performed.





Lately a publication; National Model United Nations on their conference in New York 2014 in relation to their documentation of the work of the Commission on the status of women;

www.nmun.org/ny14_downloads/Resolutions_A/CSW_Final_Documentation_A.pdf) it is proposed the use of the term gender harmony, which acknowledges the relation between men and women.  On the topic: Addressing the Promotion of Gender Equality and Empowerment of Women in the Post-2015 Agenda ; The Commission on the Status of Women, in the line 49 and 50 of the publication – Proposes the use of the term gender harmony, which acknowledges the inherent differences between men and women while still advocating equality in its essence, in place of the term gender equality; while next in the book : Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action – Beijing + 5 Political Declaration and Outcome, published by UN WOMEN  in 2014, ISBN 978-1-936291-93-9, page 78, number 119,  it says that “Developing a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach to the challenging task of promoting families, communities and states that are free of violence against women is necessary and achievable. Equality, partnership between men and women and respect for human dignity must permeate all stages of socialization process. Educational systems should promote self-respect, mutual respect, and cooperation between men and women”.

Those stated above is in line to GH (Gender Harmony) principles (found and confirmed by their long research), which built based on respect to human rights within effective communication for unity (family welfare).


GH is launched for the first time in 2010 by the Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection Republic Indonesia; it is developed based on long research done by Dr. Surjadi to promoting human rights, egalitarian ethos, dual income family, gender partnership, primary prevention of gender-based violence for family advancement etc.  There are four GH books publication noted during 2010 – 2014; where the latest is in English: Gender Empowerment for Social life and Harmonious living – written by 12 writers from 8 countries mostly based on the International Conference on Gender Empowerment (ICGEm 2012). The second ICGEm would be conducted soon in the year 2015.

Up to now there are about 3000 persons from 50 countries heard about GH and GE for only within 4-5 years; this is truly not a human’s work – they cannot do it, but the God’s work! We have testimonies on how God accompanied GH in NY lately. Thus, let people chose their own ways of life, principles and made their own decision; at the final analysis it is believed that only God could and shall give rewards and punishments…!

The Gender Harmony Foundation was accredited by UN ECOSOC since 2012 based on the credential activities registered by the Founder, Dr. Erna Surjadi drg, MS.APBI, PhD. WUNRN, The Women’s UN Report Network ( http://www.wunrn.com ) based on a UN Study, addresses the human rights, oppression, and girls all over the world. WUNRN, through its parent NGO Tandem Project, carries UN ECOSOC status. WUNRN has been actively networking with Gender Harmony and Dr. Surjadi, for years, including for events at the United Nations in Geneva and NYC (CSW).

Let’s create a better world in peace and harmony! GH and GE may help you to create it for your family, community and nation! God be with us..! Several requests have been received lately for GH team to help them in their countries; it is now depending on the supporting resources. We believe God shall not stay in silence, wait for His work…!

Sadness and hard working for the process of ‘growing’, however I feel grateful for the fraud writing and acts noted lately otherwise we never known the Ghost! Smile! We pray tomorrow is better than today..; that the future of men and women much better tomorrow for our children’s and the world’s benefits!

In harmony there is no violence! We believe if God wanted it will happen, no matter human blocked the ways – nobody can fight to God! Be happy to all human who decided to spread the peace and harmony; working within integrity, respect to other human being no matter people seen it or not – God shall pay the rewards!

There is no light without dark stick on it – otherwise we may not see it..!

God has never let the seeds on our hands dried up; let’s move on…

God bless…




genharmony@gmail.com ; secretariaticge@genderempowerment.com


NOTE:  Look forward to the PDF of GH NYC 2015 booklet

Download (PDF, 703KB)

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