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Presidential Instruction no 9 year 2000 on gender mainstreaming within all national development – as governance efforts to increase women’s quality of life within the gender equality and equity. Women as the mother of children of the nation in real life are still behind the men’s status, although women’s life expectancy is higher than men’s. It is realized that planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation on gender mainstreaming is needed from all sectors to support the women’s advancement as has been sounding also in the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) no 3: Promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment”.

In Indonesia the maternal mortality is still high, along with the high poverty percentage with income below 2$ (49.8%), also with high numbers of women drop-out at school although they have enrolled the education; one of the reasons is poverty and the family situation that put boys/men more important than girls/women.  Mothers cannot defend for their daughter’s need, because the decision maker is held by men, not performed by parents within equal position. Husband-wife collaboration as gender-couples live in harmony; is hoped can increase knowledge, skills and family coping mechanism to face economic crisis and poverty towards a better healthy life. It needs family planning, delaying marriage-age, healthy life-style and prevention of domestic violence as well as income generating activity from the gender empowerment.

The above statements and fact have pushed us back to reality of people and their live environment; it has encouraged us to do something for the family, people, nation and the world.  We are moving onward and need to evaluate all data and information for further steps and beneficiaries as necessary. Thus, the International on Gender Empowerment (ICGEm) is now need to be performed. It is hoped this activity which shall be opened by the Minister of Women Empowerment and Child Protection RI, and being supported by the Bureau of Advisory President RI on Education and Culture and other line Ministries under collaboration of the Gender Harmony Foundation and Inersia AE; will be supported also by related stakeholders in Indonesia and global parties.

ICGEm main goal is to build Gender Harmony Public Forum within gender equality and ICT to support Gender empowerment against poverty towards family welfare, free from poverty and domestic violence.

The participant will have chance to get these as their award:

  • Certificate of Participation ICGEm2012;
  • Gender Harmony Poster Award 2012,
  • Gender Harmony Appreciation 2012 (to Community/Institution)
  • ICGEm2012 Suggestion and Recommendation


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